Franc Violi is the quintessential character actor.
Since 1981, Franc has appeared on Stage, TV, Film, performs as a Singer, Facilitator and Master of Ceremonies.Whether as “Aussie” Bob Trimbole, Ivan Milat, Santa Clause or an Indian Catholic Priest, Franc’s diversity as an actor and his easygoing personality have warmed him to industry colleagues and audiences alike. He has had the pleasure of working with many of the industries professionals during his long and colourful career.As an MC for charity organisations to facilitating training videos for the Royal Australian Navy, or roll playing for Price Waterhouse Coopers within the corporate sector, his versatility and ability to improvise is invaluableAs a crooner Franc encapsulates a bygone era and brings his own unique style and sound to the likes of Bennett, Sinatra, Martin and Cole.You can read an editorial about Franc’s experiences as an actor that was printed in Equity Magazine January 2008 here…

Navy_Corporate_90s Since 1997, Franc Violi has featured in over a dozen specialist Royal Australian Navy training films – in both dramatic and presentation roles. Franc’s ability to communicate and empathise with our target audience, coupled with his consistent professionalism and easy going nature make him an obvious and ongoing choice when casting RAN productions.

Peter Ryan, Producer, Navy Video Unit
We have organised two successful charity events and we were lucky enough to have Franc as our Master of Ceremonies. Franc is an energetic and well organised MC and speaker. Franc quickly builds rapport with the guests. The energy level in the room which Franc generated ensured a very successful evening. Franc has more than one string to his bow and surprised us with his magnificent singing voice and wonderful sense of humour – he’s a great entertainer! Franc makes the guests feel that they have profited from attending the function and ensures that they also have a good time. We have asked Franc back again to MC our next function and we would highly recommend Franc for your event.

Krystyna McIntosh, Organiser – A Splash of Red Ball
Annual Fundraising Event for SIDS and Kids NSW (held annually on Red Nose Day)


“Franc with Children’s Hospital at Westmead Ambassador Mellisa Doyle 2008 fundraiser Inner Wheel Club”


Franc is the consummate performer: whether on stage, screen, as an MC at a conference or wedding – or just reducing you to giggles at the dinner table. He’s a generous actor whose energy and warm personality shines out of everything he does. He’s also quite a singer – eat your heart out Sinatra!

Jonathan Este, Director, Communications, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance
Franc was MC for our garden wedding at Wombarra, and held our wedding together with professionalism, humour and style. He sang our first dance, making it a very special event for my husband and I. Our guests adored him as much as we did!

Angela Blackhall, Senior Licensing Manager, Universal Music Publishing



2013 Williams CONVICT Boyznthehood Prod, George Basha/David Field
2010 The Vampire Boss Bloody Hell Toni Zipevski, Michael Brown
2004 Fish Market Policeman THE OYSTER FARMER Anna Reeves


2013 Rosco Number 78 Metro screen, Jess Hayhow
2013 Italian Teacher Untouchable BlueSteel TV, Toby B. Styling
2012 Foreman THE FENCE AFTRS, Lucy Gaffy
2012 Giuseppe Conlon DIRECTORS MASTER CLASS AFTRS, Lucy Gaffy
2010 “The Boss” ABBIE Metro Films/Taylor Litton-Strain, Erin Good
2008 Pilot John Vitini CIVIL AVIATION C.A.S.A Dean Covell
2008 Rick Dickson PI HSBC ABT Jif Morrison2007 Smokin Joe PI OPTUS Australian Business Theatre Jif Morrison
2001 Eddie Panozza THE GREAT SHAKEDOWN Jack Morton International Jif Morrison
1999 Humphrey Bogart TNT ING Advertising Dean Covell
1996 Mario LOVE FROM GUY AFTRS Sandra Lepore


2013 Compound Pharmacist Who’s Cheating Whom? 4 Corners, Mary Ann Jolly
2013 Frank Arcade owner Devil’s Playground ABC Mini-Series, Rachel Ward
2011 Murray Rice Barrister Crownies Screentime/ABC, Lyn Haggerty
2011 Sketch Comedy – Pilot The Franc Violi Show Arthur Violi Enterprises, Gregg Arthur
2010 Mark Gerges The Suspects Channel 7 Prod, Jif Morrison
2007 Aussie Bob Trimbol THE DONALD MACKAY DISSAPEARANCE Graham McNeice Productions Graham McNeice2007 Deni Hines Music Producer SUPRISE! SUPRISE! MARCIA HINES Marc Gracey
2006 Ivan Milat CRIMES THAT SHOOK THE WORLD Discovery Channel UK Ross Harper
2004 Attorney Generals Dept VICTIMS OF CRIME EE Films Norman Neeson
2001 Sargeant Major Moffat/ Role:1996 – Ivan Milat 60 MINUTES Nine Network Norman Neeson
1995 Dave Mennie BLUE MURDER ABC TV Michael Jenkins


2012 Presenter Real Insurance One3Six, Aaron Schereck
2004 Richard McNeil CORPORATE ROLLPLAY Price Waterhouse Coopers Keith Dougdale
1998 Romeo FOXTEL PROMOTIONS Foxtel Will Usic


2008 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions Cameron Martin
2007 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan
2006 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan
2005 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan
2004 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan
2003 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan
2002 Presenter AUSTRALIAN NAVY TRAINING Navy Video Productions John Sarvis, Peter Ryan


2008 Presenter “English as a Second Language”

* Denotes highly skilled
** Denotes professional

Accent Skills American Standard*, Australian, Bronx*, Brooklyn*, Californian*,
English*, French*, German*, Greek*, Indian*, Irish*, Italian*,
Japanese*, Latino*, Mid Western*, Scottish*, Spanish*
Circus Skills Clown*
Drivers Licence Car
Professional Skills Actor*, Director*, Master of Ceremonies**, Musical Theatre*,
Presenter*, Prof. Singer*, Variety Artist, Voice Artist*, Writer*
Singing Blues*, Country & Western, Jazz*, Musical Theatre*
Sport/Athletic Aust Rules Football, Ten Pin Bowling, Basketball*, Boxing*, Cricket*,
Fencing*, Horse Riding*, Rugby League*, Squash*, Tennis*
Union Membership M.E.A.A